Our Mission

JESNA is dedicated to building a strong Jewish future where learners of all ages lead Jewish lives infused with purpose and meaning. Functioning as a hub in a many-spoked wheel of community federations, central agencies for Jewish education, foundations, social entrepreneurs, families, and others, JESNA transforms and strengthens Jewish education in North America across all denominations and venues. Our extensive experience in a complex landscape enables us to assemble creative new ideas and models for success with state-of the-art knowledge to catalyze innovation and change for our partners, our clients and the entire field. 

Seeking always to add value, spur improvement, and nurture a culture of data-driven decision-making, we:

  • Advocate and develop networks to galvanize the "national conversation" on Jewish education
  • Build capacity and empower practitioners in the field
  • Provide evaluation, guidance and hands-on support to leaders committed to productive change and advancement
  • Model effective use of web-based technologies and social media to disseminate knowledge and know-how
  • Drive valuable educational innovation to the center of Jewish life


Complementary (or supplementary) education, often the step-child of Jewish education, is in a period of dynamic change. Using examples from around the continent and bringing together the perspectives of a range of stakeholders, including educators, funders, community leaders, and families...

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