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About the Institute

The Lippman Kanfer Institute is an action-oriented think tank for innovation in Jewish learning and engagement. Its goal is to ensure that Jewish education remains relevant and effective in the challenging and rapidly changing environment of the 21st century. The Lippman Kanfer Institute brings new thinking to important issues and opportunities facing Jewish education, such as the limited and episodic nature of educational participation among many Jews; the need to build powerful synergies among multiple forms of education; and the untapped potential of technology, the arts, social action and other media for Jewish communication, self-expression and engagement.

The Institute maintains a vigorous connection with front-line practitioners and draws on and seeks to accelerate and enhance innovative work already underway that promises to dramatically extend Jewish education’s reach and impact. The Lippman Kanfer Institute pays special attention to learnings from beyond the field of Jewish education. The Lippman Kanfer Institute’s innovative ideas are brought to the field through conferences and convenings; presentations and community visits; print and online publications; and projects with educators and policy-makers working on the front lines.

The Lippman Kanfer Institute also works closely with JESNA's Berman Center for Applied Innovation to promote innovation and systemic change through active support for institutions and communities involved in educational transformation efforts.

The work of the Lippman Kanfer Institute is supported by the Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation, based in Akron, Ohio.



Complementary (or supplementary) education, often the step-child of Jewish education, is in a period of dynamic change. Using examples from around the continent and bringing together the perspectives of a range of stakeholders, including educators, funders, community leaders, and families...

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